Beccastein This was an amazing and spontaneous photo shoot with my best friend Becca. Although the finished product (on the left) looks incredibly glamourous, in reality, we were laughing and listening to music and just hanging out. I think that having some kind of chemistry with the model is incredibly important, and often a hard thing to learn. When I first started out I definitely noticed that I was being way too shy and I couldn't communicate my ideas well with the model and that often led to awkward poses or a photo that didn't have that expression I was looking for- which was my fault.
This photo here totally depicts how I really like my shoots to run. I like to have fun and I like to make sure that my model is relaxed and having a good time as well. Once you get over your fear or talking and interacting with different people, I promise, you're shoots will be more enjoyable and you'll have better photos because of it! 

Lesson learned: Love your model, and they'll love you back. 


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