Savage This is probably one of my most beloved photos. I'm so proud of the outcome, I'm proud of my model, I'm proud of the concept, and I'm proud of the editing.

This photo in particular  was a happy accident and the best part is, it was all done in one shot. There was no cheating in this one! But what I think really really brought it to life (apart from the incredible modelling of my good friend Samantha) is the colour editing. Colour is a key thing to a photo. It can bring drama, mood, character and a real umph (thats a technical word).

After editing this photo, I really fell in love with bright dramatic colours. What's funny too, is that this photo is predominantly what became Plastic Canon's branding colour. That wasn't even intentional. I just found that after I stepped back and looked at my portfolio, this one recurring aqua colour kept popping up! It's a subconscious thing that I add to my photos and it's a big part of what's become my photographic style.

Lesson Learned: Don't just imagine the lighting, imagine the colour as well.  


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