Human Canvas

Human CanvasBody painting on the lovely- Malik This is was from a shoot I did where both the model and I were totally inspired by the art of body painting. Me being obsessed with the visuals of the human skeleton couldn't resist designing the painting from the organics of his skeleton. The stripes and shapes outline the shoulder blades, vertebrae in the neck, spine, ribs and general hip area. Although the photos above don't show it, I also took the time to paint his chest, arms and hands. 
The entire process took about 3 hours with the added 2 hours of shooting. 2 hours + 3 hours= a loooong shoot (though still not my longest).
Although this was a long process, it didn't feel like it at all. Art in general has always been incredibly therapeutic for me be it with painting, sketching, editing, shooting, or listening to music etc etc. I guess you could say I've found my "happy place".

Lesson Learned: Your happy place is where you get to freely do what you love... and where people voluntarily take their shirts off for you. 



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