You Jelly?

You Jelly?My fur-real friends. Here we have a the "before and after" of my beloved jelly fish self portrait. From what was (I regret to admit) a "selfie" of my cool hair at the time, has now turned into a cool photo that no longer leaves my face as the main focus (mission accomplished). I don't particularly like using my own mug for photos, mostly because I feel incredibly out of place being in front of the camera. I will, however,  use my face as either a last resort, or as an alternative to finding a model for a single shot. 

Pretending to be serious here for a minute: The editing was mostly colour, and getting those jelly fish to behave. They're all original photos from when I went to the Chicago and Toronto aquariums. I never delete my photos because.. 

Who knows? Maybe those tourist photos and mug shots will come in handy. 


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