Cobana Coral

Cobana CoralWe're not afraid to make a mess This shoot was partially for a school assignment and partially just because I love torturing my friends for the sake of art. 
The assignment given was to find something in the world that was the exact same colour as a provided paint swatch. We had to pick the swatch out of a hat and just deal with it. I say that bitterly because I got this excruciatingly bright pink. Not exactly my favourite colour... 
Knowing full well that I don't own anything pink, nor did I want to buy anything pink, I decided to concoct it. The goop dangling off her fingers is a mixture of corn starch, water and lots of food colouring resulting in a gooey substance known as "Oobleck". The dust in the background (and all over my camera) is also Oobleck, just dried up and pulverized. 
The reason I said "torture" in the beginning was because we shot this sometime in November in my garage. The oobleck was freezing cold and I slathered her in it. If that wasn't bad enough, I also threw fist fulls of powder at her head.

All of my love and appreciation goes out to my endearing best friend/model: Becca. Can't wait until our next shoot ;) 


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