Join the Dark Side

Come to the Dark Side Hey, I know that person! 
In recent times I had the honor of being interviewed by a Humber journalist to talk about my photography. I'm sure that most of you would agree that it isn't easy to talk about yourself or to actually explain the methods to your madness. Most of the time you just do what you do simply because you like it. At least that's the case for me. It's so strange to read someone's perception of you and even stranger to actually read someones response to your work. Aaron asked me things like how I got into photography, what inspires me the most, what my thought process is like and even what my parents think of what I do (I'm pretty sure they're thrilled when I bring home artwork full of skulls and corsets instead of what used to be unicorns and potato shaped people).
In this article I'm said to be a 'Dark Photographer' *insert cookie joke* which I think absolutely suits, I just never thought to give myself a real title. I always just did what I did because it was either; A: Fun, or B: Pretty/exciting/awesome/lended itself to fog. The dark side really is more fun. JOIN ME. 

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