The Enwrapture Team Man... I'm the coolest...

This classy photo was taken as we wrapped up the 'Enwrapture' project shot by Dan Lim. 
We hung a massive 20ft flag in the studio, photographed 6 athletes over 4 days and Dan ended up with a killer series that he donated to support Canadian Athletes. I am so incredibly honored that I got to be a part of it. 
I started assisting Dan when I needed an internship for school. At first I decided to contact him because I was a big fan of his photography but later learned that not only is he an amazing photographer, but also an outstanding teacher. I've learned a million things.
I think most importantly, this guy's taught me to stick to my guns and be true to my style but to always keep an open mind. To master what I love instead of trying to be a generalized people pleaser because you'll inevitably be the best at what you're passionate about and no one has any right to tell you that your style is wrong. This was some of the best advice I had ever gotten in terms of photography and it's been a major motivator since. 

While we were working away, Dan had a film crew document the entire experience and include some interviews of the athletes and Dan himself explaining what the project really means. 

Click here to check out full series on Dan's website: http://www.danlimphoto.com/enwrapture


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